Roland Sidun "luca series" new products on the market

2017-01-06 11:20:43

Along with the market demand and the dealer feedback information, 1.4 the thickness of the material, door leaf flat profiles, at present more popular great river north and south, the company design department groped after repeated design and debugging, new products and hardware accessories development and have unique structure installation, after 3 months of time "luca series" product officially listed on April 1, 2015.

Product name Italian city name "luca, adhere to the" Italian style, material thickness 1.4 door leaf is plane width width of 88 mm and 88 mm surface profile color has red acid branch, chrysanthemum pear, BMW gold, product name single package edge flat open the door, double sides flat open the door, two or three rail sliding door.

The current material inventory is enough, welcome dealers to choose.