Roland Sidun implementation using the new workshop

2017-01-06 11:14:56

Roland Sidun doors and Windows after 2014, the development of sales increasing month by month, by the end of the season, the production workshop is overloaded production, base on the scale of production of the original 3000 square, workers to work overtime in the evening everyday, after consulting company leaders decided to add 1000 many factory in the next room.

A 2015 starts, a new workshop layout out, through construction of half a month, the original department shop is also a reasonable adjustment, finished product put more human, to further expand the sliding door workshop, craft glass workshop also expand, the ground floor lacquer dustproof, at the same time increased the parlor, conference rooms, customers negotiation room, by adjusting the original aluminum store has also increased the release of materials, adding new varieties for the future foreshadowing.