Roland Sidun Louvre add new color series

2017-01-06 11:10:40

Roland Sidun founded two years, product innovation has always been our advantages in the market, we launched the European Mosaic has been leading ahead in the market, the strategy of the company for the next year to prepare series was launched at the end of December in the Louvre add two new colors are "BMW gold and treasure of masteel ash" their advantages are: 1. The coloring process oxidation treatment + color spraying, electrophoresis and polishing, the surface is very wear-resisting uniform gloss and color. 2. The surface is not afraid of concrete after corrosion of paint. 3. Afraid of liquid liquid when the home is clean. 4. BMW metal in the warm color attune is very suitable for European decorate a style. 5. Treasure of masteel cold gray tone is very suitable for decorate a style of Chinese and western.